Dreams and the Vibrations of the Universe (EP)

by Ryter, The Writer

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released August 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Ryter, The Writer Austin, Texas

Electronic has always been my favorite kind of music, but I never really found an artist that I could actually really get into, so I decided to make my own kind of music. Tell me what you all think?

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Track Name: The Akashic Records
Beyond the timeless times
There were the ancient ones
Creators of the cosmos
Various star systems
And the dimensional parameter
Legends tell of a tale
Of vast knowledge and power
Documented in an infinite doctrine
A record so accurate that it defines all mass
It defines all purpose
And all power

There are hints pointing to these great records
Though they were lost in history
In the legendary wars of the cosmos
Between the alpha Draconis and humans
The records were later destroyed in the final battle
Where the syrens of the multiverse took control
And there was no more knowledge

So with out lessons, the souls were lost
They fell between dimensions
Into the space between spaces known as the void
A deep dark abyss of never return
A place where there is no sound
There is no freedom just pain
And suffering
Track Name: Titans of Andromeda
There was once a time
Where there was peace
Deep within the stars
A celestial bypass where developing
Shadows were then cast away
From this galactic Eden

From the depths of the abyss
There were planetary systems
That would sustain life
Where the cosmos ended
And the shadows were destroyed

Though the planets were destructive
There was one that hovered about all the rest
It was later pronounced that the eyes
Blue as the azure sky
Of the ones who colonized the contents
The ones of the beginning of the cosmos
The were known as the titans
And they
Were grand and large
Mighty and powerful
Guardians of light and saviors of the One

It was told
That after about one thousand years
A great revolution came to pass
The titans were in great a battle
Between all whom have suffered
And all whom are grand
They fought devilishly for what seemed like millennium
Vast amounts of bloodshed were spilled
And the titans were later forced
To surrender to the ones known as the Eidolons
The new founding fathers of the multiverse
The new rulers of the dimensional parameter
The mysteries of the Nile