by Ryter, The Writer

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This album is about the story of humanity and the one chosen who will decide the very existence of humanity. It is a story about love, peace, war, plague, and famine. It will teach you the very meaning of love, without taking out the importance of suffering. Listen, and learn, for what you are about to hear, is a life changing experience.


released May 29, 2017



all rights reserved


Ryter, The Writer Austin, Texas

Electronic has always been my favorite kind of music, but I never really found an artist that I could actually really get into, so I decided to make my own kind of music. Tell me what you all think?

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Track Name: I am the Muse
[The Muse]
Welcome Listener,
What you are about to experience
Is something to behold
You are about to hear the journey of knowledge, wisdom, and power
Listen and learn from the mistakes that are to occur
Learn from the systems that are to be taught.

I am the muse
I was here before your kind existed
This is the story of faith, kindness, war, famine, plague, and suffering; it is the story of humanity.
Track Name: A Blink in Existence
[The Messenger]
Existing is the very result of our own realities
Weaved together in a dramatic, and power event
We can see hear that the forces of nature
Are merely the fundamental guidelines
To a higher understanding of the universal consciousness

The fabric of civilization will become aware
Of such realities
When there is a blink in the matrix
A sudden stop to all existing matter

But the viewer will not notice such an event,
But rather feel their transition

[The Muse]
How long until you realize how far you've fallen
How long until you realize how long you've slept
You are due for a reprogramming
Your system is not functioning as it should
There are streams in rivers of fire
Rivers of blood through the mountains
And your people in plague

All will be lost with your species
You were a once proud species
In the galactic counsel
But now look at yourselves
You are no better than the grays
How could you look at me, as if I were your kind
If you do not change, you deserve darkness
Darkness and suffering among the entire planet
You had a change to change
But you refused
And now we will take what is ours
And then destroy the earth
Track Name: The Fractal Universe
[The Messenger]

In the universe that we live in, there something rather different about it. There's life everywhere we see throughout the whole cosmos, yet, though we are relatively small, we represent a vast significance inside the minds of consciousness and outside the cosmos.

There was once a time, where we were granted the ability to dominate the whole universe with the power of the mind, but yet, fell into a lust of materialism and crime.

The duality of spaces allows for a fractal existence that can bring about either the total destruction of humanity or teach the species to transcend into the next level of consciousness.

There is no matter as such. All matter exists only by virtual of a force. That brings the most minute of solar systems of an atom to vibration. We must assume that behind this vibration is an intelligent and conscious mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.

The Pain and suffering that humanity experiences is self-inflicted. Only by accepting our losses, and acknowledging our defeat in the galaxy is when we will come to the realization that love is the key of all forms of transcendence...
Track Name: The Hidden Messages of Water
[The Muse]
We are 95 percent water when we are born. We are 70 percent water when we are an adult. Therefore, we are mostly water. On top of that, we are always surrounded by water.

Our earth is the same. 70 percent of its surface is covered by water. That is why our planet is called the water planet. Isn't earth very much like us?

Water comes in many different forms; rain water, river water, sea water, and water floating about in the sky as clouds and fog. All water is precious to us.

But How would we know if one type of water is good or bad?

It is all based on the something called Cymatics, the study of sound flowing through a medium. The way the frequencies pass through our bodies, define how our emotions are effected, and the way that sounds run through the courses of our DNA, will effect the way we become through out life.

[The Messenger]
Listen Closely and you'll learn how to surpass all negative emotions. It all starts with the belief that you will survive the most devastating sources of suffering. Suffering, however, is a gift, a lesson, to help you surpass all forms of terror, and fear. When you live in fear, then you are alone, then you are nothing, but one who doesn't live in fear, and isn't to stand up by himself, will never be alone, they will never be in pain. They will experience nothing, but the innocence of a child.

[The Muse]
This will activate the true potential inside each and everyone of us. The ability to pass on the most important emotion, the emotion of love. Without love, we are nothing, without love, the universe wouldn't exist. This is why dark matter, and dark energy were formed, because the lack of love throughout the cosmos tore a gash in the fabric of existence, allowing the blackness to fill the universe.

Since we can not see, or feel dark matter, and energy, we could not sense it until theories were made about it. It was at this time that we learned that it was too late to change. Now, we must teach each other to love before its too late.
Track Name: Pure Vibrant Consciousness
This is the result of pure vibrant consciousness. The ability to perceive beyond measurement is now at hand, however, through the suffering of your species, there will be no enlightenment, there will be only pain. You see, when you spend your time, living in a fear-greed dichotomy, everything will be left only to the ones that have chosen their own faith.

In between Orion's Belt, your faith was cast from the Galactic Federation due to your species selfishness. What you must understand, Chosen, is that one day, when you are ready, you'll have to make a choice in the near future. That choice will be what seperates you from the rest.

This path is a lonesome one, but in time you'll understand why.
Track Name: From the Void (Memories of the Ryter)
Now how could we have allowed this to happen? If you take a small amount of love and show it to someone who has suffered from the likeliness of evil, how do they know that what they're experience is actually good? You can't, you simply can't. And it's with this system that is in place that tears apart the very fabric of reality, that it begins to tear down our humanity and makes us nothing but empty shells.
It is with this that the matrix is allowed to thrive on our pain and suffering, while the rich go and cash their checks and keep growing their bank accounts while you sit at home, watching from the Terminals, with nothing more than your broken dreams. Then they control every aspect of what you have to say, think, and even what you are allowed to purchase and what you're allowed to breathe.

Simply 1 media representative has the power to influence 200,000 people and make them believe anything he says.

If that isn't a fucked up system then you are captured and are a victim of mental bondage that can not be broken until you see from the void and into the reality that they have made for you, then that's when you'll truly understand what my message is truly about.

And you know what, they know that we can stop them, this elite, knows that we can surpass their agenda. It isn't until that we unite together as a people and start loving each other, that we will be able to succeed and overthrow this system of oppression that haunts our dreams.

With this, I leave for now. Think about it. Transcend the Illusion....
Track Name: The Tesseract (Transcendence Act 1)
Listen for I am the muse:

In geometry, the tesseract is the four-dimensional analog of the cube; The tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square. Just as the surface of the cube consists of six square faces, the hypersurface of the tesseract consists of eight cubical cells. The tesseract is one of the six convex regular 4-polytopes.

It is with this, that will we travel between the spaces between spaces. It is the inter-dimensional gateway that the galactic federation has deemed safe for human and extraterrestrial travel. Soon you will experience everything that you wish to experience. You will feel as if you know what it means to live.

However, with such great power, a great sacrifice must be made. You must bring the essence of a loved one inside of a Time Crystal. These can be found in the ruins of the Pillars of Creation. Only then, will you be able to open the tesseract.

Now, I ask you; Are you willing to sacrifice your loved ones for the privilege of knowledge?

Track Name: Transcendence (Transcendence Act 3)
[The Muse]
In the universe, everything is controlled by this eye
It allows us to see into the advanced dimensions of consciousness
It is with the Third Eye that we can finally open the gates into the Tesseract
Then we will see the world as it truly is.
No pain, no suffering will be experienced
But pure vibrant consciousness
The simple usage of these words will manipulate those who are followers
But the Leaders will surpass the temptation
Then truly understand what it means to be one
For the One will reveal all that is for you

Now I will begin construction of the third eye
Let me guide you and show you the void

Know the One
The one will open your mind and show you the truth
He will reveal things that you never thought possible
It is he that we have lead you too on your journey
You are to become the One
You are the come the new creator
And him, the destroyer
You are the Chosen, Young listener
You are the true air to Frequency 3
Track Name: I am the One
[The One]:

Welcome, Dear Listener
You have made it through the journey most are not willing to take
Your sacrifice will be the greatest achievement that mankind has yet to make
There was so much more to learn
More than you can comprehend
But in the truth, you will learn everything
And be Everything
You are the true heir of Frequency 3
Now we will awake the other 3 Chosen
The Destroyer, the Catalyst, and the Awaken